How to Eat, Move & Sleep to Feel Well After Long Weekends

Whether you've been working hard to stay healthy or feel like you're barely alive these days, when a long weekend hits our good habits and intentions can fly out the window.

If you're like me you'll grab your favourite chips, all the stuff for s’mores, burgers, hot dogs and booze; we all know what our shopping carts look like before a vacation! Suddenly all the stuff you stay away from during the week is piled high. You tell yourself you've worked hard and you've earned it. If you live by the 80/20 rule you could be reasoning that you'll get back on the wagon after the long weekend.

Sound familiar?

I did the math and discovered that if I eat well, am able to achieve good sleep and daily exercise or movement Monday to Thursday, but then laze around, stay up late and eat what I please Friday to Sunday... the ratio is way off. There are 4 weekends a month and if Fridays are included the fraction looks more like 60/40 than 80/20.

Our desire to treat ourselves is sabotaging all the hard work we're putting in during the week.

I prefer to have my cake and eat it too, so I've journaled the tricks, tips and habits that have helped me find balance, and am excited to share them with you now!


Let’s start with sleep. I've found success when I choose one night to stay up late, and tell myself that going to bed at my usual (or earlier) time the other nights will feel delicious. If you're camping falling asleep as the sun sets and waking as it rises can be rejuvenating. You can leave the long weekend feeling refreshed if you schedule in time for napping, sleeping and daydreaming. Your body will thank you on Tuesday.


Try using this weekend to move your body in some way everyday. You could try out a new digital yoga class from a studio you've been following, go for a hike on a new trail or take your bike out for a rip. This week's Wellness Wednesday post featured the Malasana (yogic squat) challenge, an easy 1 minute movement option that I hope you try! Exercise assists the lungs, kidneys, immune system and intestines in becoming more efficient at naturally detoxifying. The more you move, the more it will help cleanse the body, leaving you feeling great after a long weekend.


Food is my favourite. We already know the cart is loaded with treats, so why not add in some healthy foods, too? Before eating a burger or hot dog, try adding a starter salad. By filling up on healthy greens and veg you'll stay fuller longer, and their fibre will help to scrub your insides. A fun way to consume veggies is by making kebabs. I love to combine onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, green and red peppers and pineapple on mine. Mmmm. That's 7 different plants on one stick! Creating the habit of consuming a healthy snack (like nuts, seaweed, carrots and hummus, celery and nut butter) before a small bowl of chips can really help with portion control, and will leave you feeling better.

We truly are what we eat, and when we feed our bodies junk, we feel like junk.

Remember to schedule your sleep, move your body daily, feed yourself nutrient dense foods and rest. You deserve it--Happy May long weekend!

Tanya Snow is Noble Wellness's resident holistic health coach, yoga instructor and gut health expert. She's featured in weekly Wellness Wednesday posts on our socials, and her services are available privately and at the new Noble Wellness Collective when we open this fall.

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